About Us

Have no fear, Internpub is here! Interns can now relax on their first day of working at their internships. With Internpub, interns can have the knowledge about what they are getting themselves into when interning for a specific organization, company, or elected official. Internpub is an outlet for information and opinion sharing within the world of internships. Now it is easier to choose the internship that best fits you!

Founder & CEO

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Ian Crueldad founded Internpub, LLC in 2015 before graduating from the George Washington University in Washington D.C. He is in charge of running the website, developing marketing plans, and building relationships with potential clients. Originally from San Jose, California,  he has worked on multiple campaigns in which he was a campaign manager for one of them and worked for various non-profit organizations. He has been involved in politics for the past 5 years in all levels of government. Ian likes to spend his free time working out, watching movies, and reading philosophy!